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The AFRCP is a non-profit organization gathering most of researchers and academics working in France, including biologists, pathologists, geneticists, statisticians, pharmacists and pharmacologists or hospital doctors, clinicians, epidemiologists, oncologists and surgeons. All these skills are networked within the AFRCP to reach synergistic advances in the diagnostic and therapies for pancreatic cancer.
Your donations will be useful to this community as the current official sources of funding do not enable us to answer fully the challenges in completing all research and initiate innovative programs.
Your donations are of paramount importance because beyond the charity act, they are explicit encouragement to
AFRCP researchers  to move forward to help overcome this tragic disease.
The AFRCP sincerely thanks you and is committed to use your gifts with the sole objective to fight against pancreatic cancer. Each donor will receive, by mail, the report of the General Assembly and all the information necessary to understand how the funds were used (scientific organization of symposium on pancreatic cancer, funding of research projects on pancreatic cancer, participation in events for information to the general public).
AFRCP is not yet elligible to be declared of public utility (minimum 5 years of existence is necessary to achieve that status). Thus donations made to AFRCP are not deductible from income taxes in France.

AFRCP members and the entire scientific community, thank you for your support.




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Please send you donation by credit card using the link above or by check payable in France to the following address or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




A l’attention du Dr. Sophie Vasseur

Trésorier de l’AFRCP

Case 915, Bât. TPR2
163 Avenue de Luminy

13288 Marseille Cedex 9



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